During 4 years, I studied in the game design school Supinfogame. In this course, I had the opportunity to work on various student projects. Here are the most important lessons I learned through four of these projects.

Work with constraints: Tattaco

  • Tattaco is a card game made for childen from 7 to 8 years. Player has to match three cards of the color of an opponent in order to crush one of the opponent pawn (called Tattaco). But he had to do this before the opponent takes the sombrero at the center of the table, this action could save the pawn. The one who still have a pawn at the end of the party win.
  • Tasks: Target studying, brainstorming, rules writing, creation of specific mechanisms (i.e : rules change when it remains only two players)
  • Learning: Define and study his audience: their skills, desires and needs and learn to create with these data.


Create an experience: QG_mobil and H3llways

  • These two maps were created in group on the Unreal editor. QG_Mobil is a multiplayer map for the game Splinter Cell  Chaos Theory where the action take place in an warehouse used as a secret base by mercenaries. H3llways is a solo map for the game Gears of war where player must choose between three ways which propose different gameplay and experience (fear, surprise and power).
  • Tasks: Brainstorming on the base level design, creation of playtest process and realization of trailers.
  • Learning: A game isn’t limited to his gameplay but to a set of elements that creates the game experience.

Listening : Le marionnettiste

  • Prototype of a plateform game where player controls a puppet through the wiimote by reproducing the movements of a puppeteer.
  • Tasks: Management of the team during the first months of development, recruitment of external resources, organization of playtests and interpretations of results.
  • Learning: Listen is the main quality to have in this industry. Listen and understand his team, his audience and even his publisher, is the assurance to ask the good questions, to define the true objective and to create a fun experience.


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