You’ll find in this page some of my older projects where my role was meaningful.

Game4Job (C.C.C.P., 2014)

  • Game4Job is a serious game for Androïd and iOS smarphones, uses to promote industries which hire around the city of Valenciennes (France). The game was available for one months. During that time, the player had to find candidates using the geolocation in the city of Valenciennes, scan the QR codes displayed at the door of each participating company to unlock job offers and finally find the good matches for each candidate. Mini games allowed to coach the candidate and improved his chance to be hired.
  • The game was followed by a contest in order to win physical rewards (smartphones, tablets, bikes…) and also the participation to several events such as interviews, internships, visits of companies…
  • Tasks: Tune the level design and track missing or mismatch contents, define the rules of the contest, integrate the partner’s content into the game, insure the communication of the gameplay and its content to the marketing and community management staff as for external partners.
  • Constraints: Integrate the team as the project was on an advanced stage of development, deal with close deadline, manage the contents from multiples external partners


Fighter Within (AMA Studio/Daoka, 2013)

  • Fighter Within is a fighting game for Xbox One using Kinect 2. The player is against the IA or a friend in local, on a one-on-one fight. He has to do the attacks, dodges and guards in front of the camera to make them execute by the fighter in game. Also he has to play clever in order to trigger special actions (counter, throw, special attack…) in the right timing and take the advantage on his opponent.
  • Tasks: Design of the macro and micro gameplay loops and in charge of their tuning, Creation of the ergonomy and navigation of the game, Define assets for the game (sounds, animations, HUD…), Communication with the whole team (particularly with One page document model), Manage playtests and the analyze of their results, Do competitor monitoring.
  • Constraints: Launch title (evolving constraints from the constructor), Adaptation of a defined genre with Kinect’s philosophy, Small team (compare to the scope of the game).

My Self Defence Coach (AMA Studio, 2011)

  • Coaching game for the Xbox 360 using Kinect, My Self Defence Coach (or Self Defense Training Camp in USA) proposes to follow interactive self defense lessons. In addition to these lessons, the player has access to a panel of activities to develop himself: Working balance, reflex and cardio sessions.
  • Tasks: Conception of the reflex part of the game (mechanisms, progression, rewards and learning), creation of the general progression and rewards system, part of the interface definition, communication with the whole team (particularly with One page document model), the publisher and the final user (writing of the game manual and part of the in-game texts).
  • Constraints: Short delay project (fast decision making and flexibility), Making the gameplay clear and accessible with Kinect.

Serious IP (KTM Advance, 2011)

  • Project funded by the French state, Serious IP is a serious game which aims to educate owner of small company at the use of the intellectual property. It was designed in partnership with lawyers and academics and then developed by KTM Advance. It offers the player to interact within a virtual company with the goal to ensure the protection of their future product.
  • Tasks: Propositions and paper prototyping of the gameplay, conception of the game interface, manage the player progression, the rewards and the dissemination of educative content, communication of the gameplay to the partner and the French state.
  • Constraints: Niche target (owner of small company), consideration of the educational aspect, cooperation with people outside the game industry, autonomy during the pre-production phase.

Leelh (3DDuo, 2008)

  • MMORPG project on the browser web, Leelh allows playing a survivor from the post-apocalyptic age.  Around a story telling the war between two clans in an environment containing the outskirts of the French city Lille, the game features a gameplay based on survival and community life.
  • Tasks: Conception of craft system as other game mechanisms, creation of plans of cities and others play areas, definition of contents (elements of personalization …).
  • Constraints: Build on existing mechanisms, ensuring both a depth of play and a great accessibility.


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